Flap Wheels are typically used in metal fabrication and welding applications especially when you need a conformable product that can grind and polish intricate shapes and contours. The product can absolutely match the workpieces and it provides a smooth abrasion on the workpiece's surface during its lifetime. It has the characteristic of good elasticity, stable physicochemical properties, high security, and safe not to burn the workpieces. Also, the product can be easily and conveniently operated.

Flap wheels are made of multiple abrasive sheets attached to a core for fabricating, deburring, cleaning, polishing, and finishing jobs in metalworking applications. The sheets wear away during jobs, constantly exposing the fresh abrasive coating to provide an even finish.

The stainless-steel polishing flap wheel can be installed on the tube maker and the stainless-steel pipe polishing machine. Fit these wheels over your tool's arbor. The flexible flaps reduce gouging while producing a uniform finish on flat and curved surfaces. The product can be applied to most irregular surfaces and both the inner and outer walls of pipes. It can also be applied to all varieties of polishing like the large surfaces of stainless steel, woods, furniture, stones, etc. Various industries often use this product including automobile, heavy machine repairs, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, and the like.

JSH is one of the professional flap wheel suppliers in China, our wheels can be made according to the shape of the customer's product to complete the surface of the customer's product, such as 1-inch flap wheel, 2-inch flap wheel, 6-inch flap wheel, etc. Used in various stainless-steel pots and other special-shaped stainless-steel products that need to be polished.